BFL Squad

Chet Trivedy is the founder and clinical lead of Boundaries for Life. He is dual qualified as a dentist and medic, with an interest in emergency medicine and maxillo-facial emergencies. In addition to his clinical work, he is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Emergency Medicine at Warwick Medical School.

Dorothy Worburton has worked as a dental nurse since 1985 working in NHS hospitals, defence service provision and community based dental organisations. She is the recipient of the Kings Commendation for patient care at Kings College Hospital Dental Institute. Since 2004 she has taken an interest in infection control and health protection and promotion. She takes a lot of pleasure being a part of the Boundaries for Life team.

James Orr is currently in the final year of his medical degree at the University of Warwick. He became involved with BFL during his studies and sees it as a great opportunity to promote health awareness to a wide audience.

Jennifer Pooley is a final year medical student at Warwick Medical School and joined the BFL team in 2013. She is actively involved in delivering health screening and promotion at BFL's events and also helps to administrate BFL's many commitments throughout the year.

Jayesh Patel is a dental surgeon with 25yrs of experience in the community, with a wide range of skills from implants to orthodontics to education. He is the founder of a community dental program for orphans in the slums of India and has worked with BFL since 2010. He is a recognised mentor and trainer of post-graduates and has a special interest in Periodontology.

Sanjay Mistry is a consultant in emergency medicine in the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. A life-long cricket fan both as a spectator and player at university level, on learning about the work of BFL he felt it only natural that he help out. BFL combines his love of the sport with the ability to help others, especially those who wouldn’t necessarily see their GP’s for health screening.